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Seattle and Bellevue area therapists help you move beyond painful events in your life.....
You Can Recover From Painful Past Events.

A traumatic event can be any event, large or small, that has a damaging effect on our emotional or mental well-being. A traumatic event can also have a detrimental ripple effect on our relationships and our ability to be our best selves in any area of our lives.

Traumatic events can be obviously significant - an injury, loss, betrayal or abuse - or seemingly insignificant - criticism, put-downs, conflicts, slights or disappointments.

They can be a one time event or a pattern of ongoing and repeated events, whether in the present or in the past.

Traumatic events can be inflicted from the outside or  (although we don't think of this as often) from the inside, such as on-going self-criticism, self-accusation, guilt, or negativity - even resentment we carry toward others is ultimately traumatic to ourselves.

Often we recover naturally from life's blows, but sometimes the healing process needs conscious help to be completely resolved.

That's where we come in.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Trauma affects us on so many levels: our thoughts, our emotions, our body reactions and sensitivities, our relationships with other people, our very ability to function

- and our ability to experience pleasure in all of its forms.

We might experience depression, anxiety, shock, difficulty concentrating, numbness or disconnection, a desire to withdraw, avoidance, procrastination, specific fears, panicky feelings or panic attacks, flashbacks, feelings of powerlessness, anger or irritability. All of these are natural reactions to trauma that, if they go unhealed, can get in the way of us being our best selves and having positive relationships.

Unhealed trauma keeps us locked in the past and makes it difficult to see life as it currently is and other people as they truly are. We see things through the filter of our trauma, even if the present doesn't really objectively relate to the past.

It creates automatic thoughts and responses that if we were in a different place to think about it, we would interpret things, speak and do differently. It is almost like the trauma speaks for us, not we speaking for ourselves.

It colors so much of life. Also, it creates a shortened sight of the future and our possibilities. Our perspectve is limited by our negative experiences even if we don't think it is. It is hard to see it for ourselves sometimes. That's where an outside perspective can be helpful.

Conscious Recovery

Don't just live with the idea that you can't ever get over something! Once you decide that you can and will heal, there are many tools that have been proven to help. Look at the "How We Can Help You" page above for more information on that.

Please give one of us a call to start on the road to recovery - for the sake of yourself and the people in your life.
** Thank you to Judith Herman for compiling the quotations from which the quotes on this site were taken.